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April 22, 2022 0 comments

By Mark Pavilions

The sounds we hear represent a rich, layered mix of frequencies and amplitudes.
Sending these vital messages to our brain may seem quite simple. But in order to recreate wealth, only high-caliber headphones will do.
The ov21 is thinksound’s flagship, high-fidelity studio monitor and first-ever over-ear design. When they set out to build the ov21, their goal was to not only meet, but exceed the demands of audio professionals, musicians and music enthusiasts around the world.
The thinksound team spent countless hours testing and refining the ov21 design, repeatedly measuring prototypes against headphones more than three times their price. Each time, ov21 came out well ahead.
The ov21 features expertly designed 45mm dynamic drivers that deliver superb and accurate sound reproduction with an impressively wide soundstage. Eastman Trēva™ plastic components reduce resonance, distortion and improve acoustic performance.
The company has creatively incorporated environmental awareness into its design. The revolutionary bioplastic is created from sustainable wood pulp, so it’s better for the environment. The sustainably sourced walnut cabinet completes the ov21 design for a beautiful look and one-of-a-kind sound. Memory foam ear cups and an adjustable headband provide a ridiculously comfortable fit, plus passive noise isolation to minimize ambient sounds.
Thinksound has, pardon the pun, thought of everything.
Company chief Mark Forward pointed out that many headphone consumers have been “duped into paying big bucks for a poor experience because big manufacturers have prioritized profits over quality. sound”.
Many headsets have all the components needed to produce sound, but they will never sound the way they should because they haven’t been tuned properly, he observed.
“It’s the equivalent of buying a Porsche with a Yugo engine. It will get you where you want to go, but it will never drive like a Porsche,” Forward said.
Thinksound is different in that they actually care about sound.
“All of our headphones are meticulously designed and tuned by Aaron Fournier, renowned sound engineer and founder of thinksound. They produce warm, rich and comfortable sound that music lovers and professionals love. The listening experience is engaging, rewarding and can continue without fatigue.”
The company, he said, has always been driven by durability and Forward is excited to use specialty components. The bioplastic, he said, not only offers superior acoustic performance, but it also contains more than 40% bio-based content, derived from sustainably harvested trees.
“That means we don’t have to compromise sound quality to achieve our commitment to sustainability.”
There are countless “rational” qualities that make for good sound, such as frequency response, wide soundstage, superb detail, precise separation, natural timbre and more.
But Forward said it’s all about how the headphones make you feel.
“Audiophiles like us tend to analyze things to death, which takes the emotion out of listening to something beautiful.
“What’s more important is the feeling you get when listening to your favorite track on a good pair of headphones. It’s not about how much they cost, or rave reviews, or frequency charts , or specs. It’s all about the goosebumps on your arms; the hair on the back of your neck standing on end; the big smile on your face; the irresistible urge to move your body to the beat of the music. If so, you’ve got a really great pair of headphones.
Thinksound is expanding its audience to include not only musicians and professionals, but also consumers looking for a “significant improvement in audio quality, without paying the premium prices”.
In general, headphone enthusiasts are very passionate and their opinions of what is “good” can vary wildly because their listening experiences and what they look for in a pair of headphones are extremely personal things. It’s no different from the music itself.
While consumers can be hard to please, thinksound is “absolutely up to the task. We listen carefully to what they have to say and use feedback to improve our products. Ultimately, we make headphones that we love to listen to, and we hope our customers feel the same.
Forward said they take a “no compromise” approach to both sound and durability. Although it may be difficult, it is worth it.
“We believe that sustainability is every company’s responsibility and can always be improved, no matter how sustainable you are.”
The ov21 is the company’s first-ever over-ear headphones. They have been manufacturing in-ear and on-ear products for over a decade. They are particularly proud of the result of ov21.
“On-ear headphones are often seen as the ‘flagship’ products that produce the best sound. They generally produce a very engaging experience, are comfortable, and do a good job of isolating outside sounds so you can truly immerse yourself in your listening. In other words, the expectations are very high.
“We did not take the task of making our first earphones lightly. We did a ton of upfront research on competing products and consumer preferences. Ultimately, we looked for features that we liked and that we thought our customers would like. Then it was about working with our manufacturing partner to find the materials and design that could make our vision a reality.
Consumer inquiries can be directed to: [email protected] and their products are available on their website at and at select retailers.

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