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Emerging Montreal artist Fränkel mixes languages ​​to create his signature sound

The singer-songwriter produces a wide range of styles and genres

Montreal singer-songwriter Jacob Frankael, whose stage name is Fränkel, is known for always wearing tinted sunglasses on social media.

They keep me in my element […]. I like to see the world through rose-colored glasses,” he said, touching his rose-colored glasses.

Fränkel has been drawn to music since a young age. He grew up in Montreal and also lived in Germany. His heritage is Moroccan and German. He speaks and sings in five languages: English, French, German, Arabic and Spanish.

When Fränkel started singing at family weddings, he received encouragement that pushed him to share his music. Her debut track “Isabelle” was streamed 10,000 times on Spotify the week of its release. “Isabelle” is a fictional story about a girl who changed her life.

With lyrics in French and English, “Isabelle” was recorded at the house of a friend of Fränkel, and was released in 2020.

“I didn’t think that song was the best thing I could have done. It was kind of overnight. […] I put it there, and somehow it had reached, I believe, 15,000 plays on Spotify,” Fränkel said.

The genre of music he produces varies from R&B, hip-hop, French rap and Dutch rap. “It’s a very wide range of things. I don’t like putting a label on myself,” he said. Even when recording one of his songs on a streaming platform, he found it difficult to categorize his songs into a specific genre.

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“I try to be as diverse as possible with my music. Most of my tracks are both. I love languages ​​so much,” he said.

When he hears a rhythm, Fränkel is immediately inspired for what he wants to write. He writes lyrics that matter to him or fictional stories that come from the heart.

Jake Hyndman-Whittier, owner of FLY AWAY Recording & Media Studio, met Fränkel in 2020. His first impression was that he could hit a wide range of vocals, from high to low notes. That’s how they started creating his signature style with different harmonies. They have since produced eight songs. Fränkel’s next goal is to grow his fan base, from young children to adults.

Fränkel is mainly inspired by two artists; French rapper Soolking and Canadian rapper Drake. Soolking’s genre varies from rap, pop, reggaeton and soul. He raps and sings in French and Arabic. “It’s exactly what I want to emanate,” Fränkel said. Drake’s music brought him from Canada to the United States, which, according to Fränkel, was a great source of inspiration for him.

The versatility of his icons drives him to create beats that listeners can connect to. “It makes them shake their heads, it makes them dance. It makes them remember your chorus and your verses every time, whether they like it or not,” he said. “My goal is to keep making music that matters to you, telling my story.”