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Eerie creaking during Storm Eunice makes skyscraper residents feel like they’re living in a ‘horror movie’

It was the eerie sound that made residents of one of Manchester city center’s tallest buildings feel like they were living in “a horror movie”.

Residents living in the East Tower of Deansgate Square say they can hear the creaking whenever it’s windy.

As Storm Eunice pounded Greater Manchester this afternoon, footage captured the chilling sound that appears to be coming from inside the building.

Shaun Lake, who took the video, said he was “driven crazy” by the noise.

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“It’s like you’re in a horror movie,” said the 33-year-old, who lives in a 32nd-floor apartment with his fiancee.

“The sound has been constant for a few days.

“At night, that’s all you can hear. I’m laying in bed and I can pretty much feel the movement of the building.

“If you close your eyes, you feel like you’re in a boat and swinging in the ocean.

“There are days when I struggle at work due to lack of sleep.

“We had to buy an Alexa so we could play sleep sounds at night to eliminate the noise.”

Although he only moved into the building last summer, Mr Lake says the noise made him want to move.

Shaun Lake (right) and fiancé Paul

“There’s nothing we can do about it,” he said.

“We’re supposed to live with it and pay a premium, which I don’t think is fair.

“It’s so disturbing. My other half works from home and has to deal with customers on the phone, but the noise is still there.

“We want to leave because we can’t stand this every winter.”

A warning about ‘very high winds’ around Deansgate Square was sent to residents by developer Renaker several days ago.

He urged them to “be careful when walking around the grounds as outside debris may be carried into the plaza and surrounding areas”.

The message added: “We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you and new residents that the buildings are designed to have movement in high winds.

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“This is to be expected in order to keep residents safe. We understand this can cause creaking.

“This squeaking is a usual phenomenon.”

Towering over the city at the bottom of Deansgate, the huge development of Deansgate Square is home to over 3,000 residents as well as the city’s only riverside square.

It’s not the first downtown skyscraper to make an unusual sound in windy weather.

Beetham Tower has long been known to hum in windy conditions.