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Dwaipayan Singha – The Man Who Changes The Sound Of Next Generation Kannada Film Music

The name Dwaipayan Singha is currently prominent and prominent in the Kannada film scene over the past few years. Dwaipayan Singha, the aspiring sound engineer from Kolkata, has set a benchmark with his extravagant work in South Indian film industry with few popular names. Dwaipayan says his vision is to transform Kannada film music into next-gen sound.

Dwaipayan has a team of around 15 sound engineers and four in its visual and creative team. He is one of the youngest men in the industry to build the team with this quality and durability. Dwaipayan says Santhosh Arumugam and Ashbin Paulson are the main guys and heart of the studio. Dwaipayan even adds that Santhosh Arumugam is a composer and music producer from Madurai, Tamil Nadu and most of his songs and movie songs are performed by the Bengali-Tamil duo. Ashbin is one of the best sound engineers and coordinator who has partnered with him for his upcoming movies and series.

Dwaipayan says he is very honored and proud of the full set of team he has and who is his constant support. He thinks it’s complete teamwork and effort that gets everyone this high. He also adds that Back Road Studios is now one of many famous names in town, which he launched a few years ago. It is Bangalore’s very first surround music production and mixing suite with state-of-the-art equipment. Now it has partnered with more than five other studios in Bangalore. He even says he plans to use Atmos Pre-Mixing Suit in the near future.

Back Road Studios is the one stop solution for all audio and visual needs in town. With its state-of-the-art studios and an excellent set of engineers and managers, it has successfully made over twenty films in the last three months and is aiming for more in the months to come. He is also becoming a popular name between producers and the film industry. With his extravagant work flow and quality and most importantly his value and love for music, he is supposed to become one of the best sound engineers in South India.

According to recent updates, Dwaipayan and Santhosh are working on a new Kannada feature film, Operation D, which is a crime thriller. Dwaipyan adds to this that he is also engaged in many series which are in the works and coming in the coming months.

After a stellar Kannada film debut with his debut film Consilium, Dwaipayan looks forward to many more without language borders. He also says he is signing three Telegu and Tamil films for the coming year. Yet, he also adds that he focuses more on Kannada Films, as that is the root of what connects him to films. He is also interested in cartoons for some TV channels like Chintu and Nickelodeon, and he and his team also focus on this part. He adds that he wants to make Back Road a unique brand where people can come and receive the best with efficiency and quality.

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