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Dollu Sound Designer Nithin Lukose Sparks National Award Controversy, Says Film Had No Sync Sound

Earlier today, the 68th National Film Awards were announced, in which Dollu, director Sagar Puranik’s feature debut, was voted best regional film in Kannada. Sagar’s film, about a group of Dollu Kunitha artists who disband after having differences between them, and the efforts to reunite them and save the dying art, also won a second prize. The best audiography in the Location Sound Recordist category (for films with synchronized sound only) was awarded to Jobin Jayan.

Within minutes of the announcement, however, there were rumors that the judging committee had made a mistake in this category, as Dollu is not a sync-sound film. Oscar-winning sound designer Resul Pookutty tweeted, “The movie that won the #SyncSoundRecording #NationalAwards isn’t even a sync sound movie, it’s a dubbed movie, movie sound designer @nithin_lukose confirms,” ​​to which Nithin has answered: “I don’t know what happened behind the curtains of the selections of the National Prize and its procedures, but I pity the judgment of the jury which did not know how to tell the difference between a dubbed film and a film in synchronized sound, pretending to be the script experts!

Internet users who took over this exchange between Resul and Nithin intervened. “Dollu (Kannada) is a dubbed movie, but the national awards jury chose Jobin Jayan as the best localization sound engineer (which is exclusively for synchro-sound movies). Sheer irresponsibility,” one user wrote.

OTTplay shared Resul and Nithin’s tweets with producer Pavan, but the filmmaker did not respond to them. However, speaking to us before that, he said he was delighted with the two awards for his films and praised Jobin’s work, adding that recording Dollu in a closed studio was not feasible for him. them and that the performances were captured in live locations.