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DJ and producer ANTDUAN infuses genres into his unique sound

Music is one of the most powerful ways to express and evoke emotions. Most artists strive to capture this element in their music, but only a few manage to do so successfully. One of them is DJ and producer ANTDUANan artist with a knack for infusing multiple genres into his unique sound that never fails to captivate his listeners.

ANTDUAN is a Thailand-based Israeli DJ and producer with an extensive discography. From the beginning, ANTDUAN has always aimed to create music with energy and emotions that resonates with its fans. He is a renowned melodic and techno producer whose music always has a catchy beat with melodic vocals that soothe the ears of any listener. The producer creates unique projects with varying tempos and levels of intensity suitable for all moods and seasons.

“My main idea is to connect the melody with the original vocals in the genre of melodic techno and progressive house,” he says. “I always try to create emotions but also energy in my songs.” ANTDUAN traces this love for club music back to his high school days in the mid-90s, but his musical journey began much earlier. Growing up, ANTDUAN developed a love for music from an early age and started learning the piano. As he got older, his musical tastes evolved when he discovered pop music, and thus began a lifelong passion for upbeat music.

At the beginning of his career, ANTDUAN is dedicated to helping emerging artists establish themselves. After a short break from the stage, ANTDUAN made a comeback in 2020 with the instrumental version of their single “Rain Drops”. This remix generated a lot of interest, prompting him to release a vocal version of the song.

Lovers of trance music from the 2000s, ANTDUAN wanted to recreate this atmosphere but with modern instruments. He was also looking for a vocalist who would perfectly bring his vision to life as he envisioned it. ANTDUAN found that in Alexandra Badoi, the singer who worked alongside the iconic Armin van Buuren on the trance hit ‘Cosmos’.

The duo gave “Rain Drops” a facelift that made it an international hit. With Alexandra’s vocal magic and ANTDUAN’s production prowess, the song captured worldwide attention, reaching over 1.5 million streams. This success inspired ANTDUAN to create another global, emotional and energetic experience. He hopes to do so with his next projects which are currently underway.

ANTDUAN plans to release even bigger hits in the future, which he says doesn’t happen by chance. He says he has always listened to what people want to hear, which drives him to create quality music. To develop his skills and keep his edge, ANTDUAN says he often spends over 12 hours in the studio perfecting his craft. He also listens to a wide selection of genres, which he incorporates into his sound. During a normal day, ANTDUAN spends a significant portion of their day experimenting with new techniques and new sounds before getting down to production.

He also says there are many inspirations behind his unique sound which blends genres perfectly. They include other progressive house, melodic techno and organic house artists, but he also loves chillout and Israeli music. A versatile producer, ANTDUAN plans to keep exploring new sounds and is sure he won’t disappoint his fans.