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Death by napalm: the grind never stops

Always a band unbound by expectations and restrictions, no tour would ever be enough to put out the flame within NAPALM THE DEATH. As authentic as ever, the grindcore originals served up another release stamped with their quality seal of approval. Going back to when a band would surprise their fans with another helping of new material, they released a mini-album/EP titled Resentment is always seismic – A final throw of woes. Featuring unreleased tracks from their 2020 release The pangs of joy in the jaws of defeatism alongside two covers, it completes the record cycle while rewarding die-hard fans with scratching the itch. Iconic singer Barney Greenway sat down with us to explain the origins of the record.

“When we go into the studio to make an album, we whip ourselves to death and we like to have a lot of songs on top despite the fact that obviously we are not a group that writes eight songs per album, on the contrary. So we had a rake of leftover stuff, some that we knew we were going to use, even though we didn’t know what additional songs would be for the first pressings of the album, you know, because the people who buy the stuff, they you don’t have to do that, you know, so you like to give them a few extra leads to do that,” he explains.

“So once those were gone, we were left with a lot of leftover material. Even before this realization, we had talked about doing a mini album, in the spirit of when we used to go to underground gigs back then and a band would release an EP of nowhere. Without any ads at all and you’d be like, ‘blimey that’s awesome, you know?’ So that’s what we wanted to do and that’s what we did, you know. All the material was there, we didn’t need to do anything new, everything was ready to go, we just had to arrange it with the order of the songs and have it mastered.

While Resentment is always seismic… is built around some stellar tracks left over from their big 2020 release, the EP also includes two cover tracks, something NAPALM THE DEATH are no strangers to. With the chance to play music from the bands that inspired them and wear their influences on their sleeve, painting the original tracks with a DEATH BY NAPALM Brush is always a challenge for the band and a different listening experience for the fans. On this disc, the EVIL BRAINSI do not need it and SLAB!it is people pie go through the NAPALM alarm.

“It could be any of the 100 bands, but we just picked the EVIL BRAINS because they’re sort of a pivotal band of hardcore punk music and with an infusion of metal, and of course, the reggae side of 80s things. They were one of the very early proponents of the style, so it was really an easy to follow track, one minute long, just in and go. the SLAB! cover, now, DEATH BY NAPALMis very influenced by that, I mean it’s really a catch-all term, but industrial music and its various forms. That kind of dancing industrial stuff was also a big influence for us,” Barney Explain.

“They weren’t huge, but they were kind of a cult band if you know that stuff. They were really, really important, so yes, we did. It’s really different for us, you know, because of the voices that are out there, that kind of mix between male and female voices. We’ve kind of done this before, but not this way, but it’s awesome and it’s still hard. You know, the original song is pretty hard, you know, the baselines and everything, so it’s danceable but still really hard and abrasive, you know, a perfect song for us really.

After an 18-month gap between live shows from Cologne, Germany in March 2020 and their triumphant return to outdoor bloodstock in August 2021, NAPALM THE DEATHThe incredible coherence of remains an immutable structure at the heart of the group. This integrity of the band that they are has kept them at the forefront of extreme music for all these years and nothing can take it away, not even the shutting down of the world.

“It seems to a lot of people like a contradiction in terms really, because they would think, oh, NAPALM THE DEATH, you know, spontaneous, they don’t care. They’ll just, you know, they’ll just blast it with a cannon, you know, and that’s it. But no, it’s still going to have quality. It will always be according to your own opinion, but you can have good songs. When you play the loudest type of music, you can still have some really great songs. So that’s what we’re trying to do, I wouldn’t be okay with releasing an inferior album. Obviously it’s subjective, you know, so what I think is good, someone else might think is crap. It might sound a little pretentious to someone, but I have too much pride in art, you know, I mean, I don’t want to release something that I think is half-crazy or second best to me. . No chance, don’t go, whatever it is, you know.

Resentment is still seismic – A Final Throw Of Throes is out now through Century Media Records.

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