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CUN FF creates an eclectic display of sound and color in a bar in China

cun FF hides an eclectic escape in kunming, china

MINING Club is an eclectic club bar hidden deep in Kunming’s bustling business district, China, designed by Chinese architecture studio CUN FF. Under the influence of color, material and light, lead designer Fang Fei presents a mysterious and dreamlike ambience and realizes a free, fresh and limitless space for indulgence of the senses. As night approaches, MINING offers people a space to unload the burden of work, to begin self-exploration, and to release pent-up emotions and energy. Here visitors can escape the mundaneness of everyday life and immerse themselves in a vibrant spectacle of sound, light and color.

the dark bar is illuminated by ambient LED lighting

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mining: an eclectic display of sounds, lights and colors

Humanity’s dedication to seeking order, efficiency, rationality, and control over time and emotions has enabled the rapid development of the capitalist economy and caused the dilemma of life and work. ‘How to be free from all kinds of dilemmas?’ asks Fang Fei. “In ‘The Malay of Modernity’ by Charles Taylor, he mentioned self-determined freedom, that is, a decision is made by oneself, not determined by social influences”. With the conception of MINING, CUN FF seeks to create a free and limitless place where people can go to explore the self, discover new ways of life and seek extraordinary experiences.

The interior space is characterized by a distinct and vibrant design of sound, light and color to immerse visitors in an extraordinary experience and satisfy their senses. In the bar, the vibrations of the sound waves transform into light and colorful waves that never stop. The LED strip lights adopt dynamic digital content to enhance the ambiance of the space. The decorative metal frame is illuminated with neon lights, emphasizing its futuristic mechanical quality. Part of the main body of the bar is made of glass blocks, which balance the harmony between lightness and heaviness, and absorb the light of neon lights. At the end of the interactive passage entered from the side of the bar, a laser device emits a beam of red light, delineating the space, projecting information onto the floor and creating more interactive shapes between the guests and the space.

cun ff the bounded and the unlimited 12
the vibrations of the sound waves transform into waves of light and color that never stop

a fluid and limitless spatial arrangement

The casual seating area has less clear spatial boundaries, and the surrounding three walls have different expressions. With a floor-to-ceiling LED multimedia display screen wall on one side, a concise movable and collapsible rectangular block covered with metal and a pressure hatch door on the other, and a third wall with a rough stone Originally, the space presents a unique contrast between light and dark, openness and closure, continuity and discontinuity. The collapsible wall provides flexibility and creates more possibilities in space. On the other side of the wall is a dance floor where a large open atmosphere is formed through the continuous and unified LED wall. In the middle of the space is the DJ booth, above which a circular LED light strip highlights the visual orientation of the space.

cun ff the bounded and the unlimited 8
MINING is a space to unload the burden of work, to begin self-exploration and to release pent-up emotions and energy

cun ff the bounded and the unlimited 2
the light floats around the space, bouncing off the contrasting stone walls

cun ff the bounded and the unlimited 1
each of the surrounding walls has different characters and expressions