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Crobot announces new album “Feel This”

CROBOT have announced a new album!

Title feel thisthe group’s next album follows that of 2019 maternal brainand is slated for release in June of this year, via Mascot folders/Mascot Label Group.

“This is the record we’ve wanted to make since we started,” exclaims the singer Brandon Yeagley on the upcoming new album. “We have always considered ourselves a live band. When Jay Ruston described his check-in process, we were more than happy to walk in and get our hands dirty. This involved playing live as a unit and finishing all the instruments in one song before moving on to the next. We recorded 16 songs in 21 days, which is an achievement in itself. Through constant struggles, we learn more about what it is to be human. Our flaws and our strengths make us a unique species. Feel This can very well indicate our greatest strength, our ability to feel emotions (for better or for worse).

Along with the new album announcement, the group released a new music video for a new song taken from the upcoming album; better times. Speaking of the new song, Yeagley adds, “look no further, #Beardos! Better Times are here to stay! You know we wouldn’t want it any other way. Buckle up and tie it up because CROBOT come back to town. And with smiles on our faces, we’ve got all the right grooves hitting in the right places. So grab your bric-a-brac – that is, the food – and tune into this special studio preview, kids! Head over there this spring for some ass-shaking and ear-snapping stuff! Ca-caaaaawwwww!”

Watch the official Better Times clip here:

You can also see the track list and artwork for the upcoming new album below:

List of tracks:

1. Electrified
2. Dizzy
3. Free yourself
4. Better times
5. Golden
6. Wingless
7. Living on the streets
8. In the Fire
9. Dances with the Dead
10. Holy Spirit
11. Never Break Me
12. Look straight into the sun

Feel This is slated for a June 3 release via Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group. Pre-orders are available now and can be purchased here.

For more information on CROBOT, like their official page at Facebook.