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There are few names more clearly synonymous with death metal than George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher. The indomitable leader joined the legendary pioneers of death metal CANNIBAL CORPSE in 1995 and has remained at the helm ever since, helping to grow the band from one of death metal’s greatest bands to one of metal’s greatest bands as a whole.

Despite creating 11 LPs behind the mic with CANNIBAL CORPSE and the rigorous touring program that accompanies a group at the top of the genre, Sinner hasn’t shied away from lending its distinct, throaty roar to a host of other albums and projects over the years from Tampa’s melodic death metal outfit ROADS OF POSSESSION for SERPENTINE DOMAIN with KILLSWITCH COMMITMENTit’s Adam D. and old THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER stick man Shannon Lucas, and countless guest appearances in between. Her most recent vocal offering, however, is something a bit special – her new solo project and self-titled debut: body grinder.

But how did BODY MILL, the project, was it born? What inspired body grinder, the artist, to go solo? Turns out, like so much in heavy music over the past decade, RACE HATEit’s Jamey Jasta is at its heart.

“Fundamentally James and I did a song on his solo album, They want your soul. It turned out so well, the reception was awesome for that song, and a few months later he texted me and was like, “Hey look, I have an idea.” Sinner begins, telling the story of the birth of his solo record. “James wanted to call him BODY MILL because if we called it something else, it might not be considered a solo album – but with BODY MILL being on it, you know it’s 100% a solo record. He came to see me with the idea of ​​making a record with me, and because They want your soul turned out so great that I was like ‘Yeah sure man!’

“I didn’t know exactly the details, James just said ‘Listen, I want to do this album. You will write songs, lyrics, whatever. If you want to write music or lyrics it’s up to you but I’d like to call it BODY MILL.’ Next thing I know he was sending me songs and we booked some studio time. Of course we did Unimaginable violence [CANNIBAL CORPSE’s 15th album] before recording the BODY MILL save, but I did the BODY MILL singing maybe two months after we made it Unimaginable violence, so that does the trick. We’ve had it for a while. We just had a lot going on.

So the idea behind BODY MILL can come from Jamey Jastabut was it a chance for Sinner flex your creative muscles? Commonly, Paul Mazurkiewicz [drums] and Alex Webster [bass] were the two main songwriters and lyricists of CANNIBAL CORPSE for decades, this offer also Sinner A chance to put pen to paper and tell your own stories, or try your hand at some riff magic?

“Oh no, James wrote the lyrics, and James and Charlie Belmore [DEE SNIDER] wrote the music. it’s probably no secret that I never consider myself a lyricist at all. I wrote some songs, wrote a song in MONSTROSITYI wrote the lyrics to a song ROADS OF POSSESSIONI contributed here and there and wrote a few things, especially at the beginning, in CANNIBAL CORPSE. But I’ll sit and try to write shit, if something pisses me off or I want to write about Warcraft or something, I’ll sit and write and I hate it. I throw it away… I always consider my voice as another of the instruments – I would never call myself a composer.

On casual listening, you’d never accuse Sinner get out of your comfort zone with BODY MILL. Blast-beats, double bass, warped daredevil riffs and lightning solo work can all be found throughout his abundant solo debut. But it’s not just a bonus CANNIBAL CORPSE album, minus 80% of the group. Hardcore and thrash are at the very heart of the record, with traditional death metal styles working to enhance the sound, rather than being its underpinnings.

“When James came to me, he asked me if I had any riffs or ideas that I wanted to contribute, but he had prepared the majority of them for me, a bunch of songs and ideas. I just wanted to put my voice, my stamp on what he had done. And it’s not like my voice is any different than I’ve ever done, but the music is definitely outside of what you’d expect from CANNIBAL CORPSE.” Sinner explains the writing process, before offering a hint of what might come from BODY MILL in the future.

“I’ve always thought about writing music, but I don’t play guitar. Everyone has riffs in their head, but I never thought of making a record where I wrote everything. But you know what, I would never say never, it’s a possibility somewhere down the line. If I wrote to James tomorrow and said ‘Hey, I have 10 songs, I’m good to go.’ we would find out – because we intend to make another record for sure, at least another one. But for this one, James I just had a bunch of songs ready and they were awesome, so I said, “Fuck, let’s do this.” Man, if I was writing my own songs, I like to think they would have sounded like this.

Corpsegrinder is available now through Perseverance Music Group.

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