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Chihuahua safe and sound after a cold adventure | Local News

South Haven resident Mary Voisard credits the ‘power of prayer’ of family and friends and the bravery of a first responder for helping save her pet Chihuahua from drowning in a pond the week before. last.

Sasha, 12, had wandered away from her home on Tuesday March 8 before being rescued on Saturday March 12 by South Haven Area Emergency Services firefighter Mike Dey. The first responder rescued the little dog just after he slipped through the ice on a small pond off 73rd 1/2 Street in South Haven Township.

“Sasha is an amazing dog and a miracle,” Voisard posted on the South Haven Happenings social media Facebook page after Dey rescued Sasha. “His vital signs are back to normal, blood tests show no major organ damage and x-rays show no water in the lungs. That’s what you call the power of prayer.

Voisard, who recently moved to South Haven from Pullman to be with her mother, was very worried about her dog after she disappeared.

On March 11, she called on people on social media to be on the lookout for Sasha.

“We recently moved from Pullman to South Haven near the hospital,” Voisard said. “She may be trying to find her way back to Pullman… She is my baby and must be very scared and confused. She is probably exhausted, hungry, thirsty and cold.

Family, friends and strangers responded by searching for the dog who was last seen in the area of ​​73rd-1/2 Street. South Haven Police and Van Buren Animal Control also did what they could to help with the search, with Animal Control setting traps in wooded areas near 73rd-1/2 Street.

Finally on Saturday March 12, Sasha was spotted crossing the frozen pond. A person who lived nearby tried to reach Sasha but could not. In the meantime, SHAES has been sent. Dey donned one of the department’s cold water rescue suits as he drove to the scene. The little Chihuahua broke through the thin ice and went underwater just as Dey reached him. He quickly picked up Sasha and brought the dog safely ashore to reunite with its owner.