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Capital Sound expands and enhances Martin Audio PA to fit BST’s expanded stage – rAVe [PUBS]

Solotech Company Makes Massive New Investment in WPL/WPC and TORUS

Filmed on stage in Hyde Park, London, July 3, 2022

With artists ranging from the Rolling Stones to Elton John and the Eagles gracing the supercharged new stage and fascia at this year’s festival American Express presents BST Hyde Park the sound quality literally needed to raise the bar at AEG Live’s flagship event.

Martin Audio’s rental partners Capital Sound (part of the Solotech UK group) have been the exclusive suppliers of the manufacturer’s groundbreaking MLA since the event’s inception in 2013, and have been able to respond by providing enhanced site coverage. This year, expanding over three weekends, the event broke all records, selling 530,000 tickets across the nine shows.

Taking note of the additional 5m height gain of Star Group’s new Titan Stage (which now reaches 19m from the ground), Solotech has extended the two main PA and sidefill suspensions and streamlined the 11 laps behind, by introducing their recently acquired WPL evolutionary line. network—the largest in the Wavefront Precision family.

No less than 182 Martin Audio line array elements were deployed during the event, as well as 44 subwoofers.

Solotech Senior Technical Advisor Robin Conway said, “If we had used the original plot, the blockages would have been disproportionate. So I looked at issues such as trim height, and both visually and performance-wise, by increasing the number of boxes we managed to get better results, with more power up front .

“On top of that, we also managed to achieve the trim height we wanted, with the main hangars cut this year at 16.2m from the ground compared to 12.5m previously, and the sides at 17.5m, compared to 14.5m.”

Aesthetically, the set design was also to revolve around a newly created tree, the focal point of the stage, while mechanically, a wrap-around video screen was introduced for the first time, also orchestrated by Solotech.

This year, the main PA was increased by four elements and included 19 MLAs and a single MLD Downfill on each side, with 15 MLAs and an MLD Downfill as the hanging side (two on each side larger than before). Arranged in a wide cardioid array, 32 MLX subwoofers while six pairs of MLA Compacts provided front fills.

Lag positions had also been extended, with longer suspensions. Of the 11 masts, positions 1 through 5 were configured identically with seven MLAs and one MLD Downfill; delay masts 6-9 behind the FOH mixing tower featured an extended 10 WPL and three SXH218s in a cardioid stack, while delay points 10 and 11 were each filled with eight WPC elements.

All Wavefront Precision boxes were driven by Martin Audio iKON multi-channel amplifiers in the optimal 1-box resolution, and audio was again streamed throughout the site over an Optocore fiber ring, which provided full redundancy.

The quality of the AP this year has once again been exemplary, no better than for Adele…a fact evidenced by the many social posts.

Once again, Solotech has assembled a highly accomplished technical team, working with the event’s long-term production manager, Mark Ward of Proper Productions, with Tim Patterson as team leader, Johnny Buck ( monitor engineer), Mike Warren (FOH engineer) and the Joseph Pierce system. technology. Former Martin Audio technical director Jason Baird was hired as a consultant for the setup.

Solotech’s senior project manager, Martin Connolly, was delighted with the onsite and offsite sound thresholds, which met with approval from acoustics/noise control consultants, Vanguardia. “After the spread tests we managed to get to a high level – an increase from what we had in the past and with a bit more control,” he said.

This was particularly evident in the performances of Elton John and Adele, as Connolly explained. “Elton John was 100-101dB(A) and Adele was 102dB(A) LEq (1 min) and 101dB(A) LEq 5 min, with 75dB(A) offsite.”

He said the event fully justified their decision in the spring of this year to invest more in Wavefront Precision, with an acquisition approved by Solotech. As a result, WPL and WPC now complement the WPS system they previously purchased for the Tim Minchin Tour.

In addition to the two new WPs, Solotech also purchased TORUS for its rental inventory, part of an order amounting to over 100 enclosures. “If we hadn’t, looking at our backlog for the summer, we would have just had to under-hire,” Connolly said.

As for the video screens, Solotech supplied an almost 1500m² screen measuring over 16m high for the main stage, including 4500 Saco tiles and 540 Roe CB5 LED panels on the main stage screen. An additional 300 Roe CB5s were deployed for delays, relays and for Stage 2.

Summing up the event and the technical excellence of the sound system, Production Manager Mark Ward said: “There was a lot of conversation about how to make the sound system great and feel in proportion on the vast new Titan stage. of Star. Solotech and Martin Audio were fully committed to finding solutions and we more than achieved the result we were looking for, both sonically and aesthetically. It looked “right” and it sounded good.

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