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Best Vizio soundbars and sound systems of 2021: reviews, top picks

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Vizio is one of the leading names in home theater systems, and for good reason: the brand is known for its reliable LED-backlit TVs, like the Quantum Series 4K LED TV and the jaw-dropping picture quality of its OLED TV. 4K. But sound bars and subwoofer surround systems are another area where the California-based company really shines. Vizio quickly established itself in the audio industry and among satisfied customers, as a serious competitor for home theaters, with plenty of options to accommodate different room sizes and budgets.

What type of audio system does Vizio have?

As modern televisions have become thinner and thinner, there is less and less room inside for quality speakers. This is where a sound bar can change everything. Even a basic bar will outperform sound from your TV speakers, instantly bringing powerful sound to your home setup.

Vizio offers several options for complete home audio systems, all of which create immersive surround sound for your room, assisted by a powerful wireless subwoofer and surround speakers. These all have the traditional 5.1 configuration.

If you don’t have the space (or the budget) to buy a full sound system, you can always go for something more compact, like Vizio’s All-in-One Soundbar, which Best Buy currently offers. at $ 149. Either way, you will need a bar with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to wirelessly connect multiple devices to the audio system.

Ditto for HDMI too. It’s a great format that carries both audio and video, and some Vizio units have more than one port to make sure all your devices are connected centrally. Vizio also offers soundbars with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X support, which means even more immersive cinema-quality sound. The HDMI eARC inputs, on the other hand, will provide additional high-quality audio pass-through. While you can still enjoy great sound without them, these formats capture signals encoded in various media and take the surround experience to new heights.

What are the best Vizio soundbars and systems?

We had the chance to review some of the best Vizio soundbars and sound systems and were impressed not only with the clarity and attention to detail these systems offer, but also how powerful the drivers are. The subwoofers were also surprisingly powerful, even the smallest being able to squeeze a good punch of bass into the mix. As expected, new blockbuster action movies, like Marvel’s recent releases, looked dazzling in all directions, but even older movies have us hooked like never before. A solid surround system really changes everything you watch and listen to, bringing out the tiniest nuances of sound in today’s movies and shows, and breathing new life into your all-time classics.

There are a number of great Vizio audio systems on the market, and we’ve picked a few of our favorites here to help you get started choosing the right bar and backing system for cinematic sound right at home. .

1. Vizio Elevate 5.1.4 home theater sound bar


Vizio’s latest soundbar speaker system makes it seem like you’re watching your favorite movies for the first time, with audio technology that helps bring out dialogue and effects in an engaging new way.

With a total of 18 speakers built into this beast of a set and a frequency range of 30Hz to 20kHz, audible detail is extremely crisp and pure, picking up things in movies you might have seen. hundreds of times but never noticed before. You’ll also gain a new respect for sound mixing in media, hearing the intricacies of the surrounding satellite speakers and the little niceties happening all around that really make you feel like you’re there.

Each end of the bar has two rotating speakers that can be tuned up and down remotely (or automatically when it detects Dolby Atmos), to find the perfect spot for the size and shape of your room.

The eight-inch subwoofer is very powerful, reaching bass depths of 30Hz without getting muddy and cloudy. Even at a low setting, you will feel it. And with so many different settings, including a night mode designed not to disturb your neighbors, you can still get the most out of it, even living in a small apartment. In addition, it is wireless without having to connect to WiFi and connects to the bar the first time it is powered on.

best vizio sound system


To buy:
VIZIO Elevate soundbar
$ 901.14

Installation was straightforward out of the box, and the system was up and running soon after. Vizio also includes all the cables you need, neatly separated in its own accessory box and labeled to avoid confusion.

Ports are plentiful here, with a total of three HDMIs (including eARC), one optical, two AUX sockets, and one USB. Satellite speakers are conveniently compact, with speakers that point both inward and upward, and a non-slip mat at the bottom. Connecting them to the subwoofer is effortless and they can be placed in plain sight or hidden far behind you with the extra long cables.

The Vizio soundbar can be controlled via voice commands from any of the main AI assistants and quickly pairs with all nearby Bluetooth devices, as well as your favorite music streaming platforms like Spotify and Pandora. There’s also a designated AUX port for a smart speaker, a nice touch these days to know that Vizio hasn’t forgotten about the people who still prefer the old-fashioned way of wiring things.

The set also includes a sleek and small remote control with an LCD display, which lets you easily control most settings and settings from the sofa, and can audibly announce which input is selected. For a visual cue, the bar has a minimal but clear light meter, indicating how high or low the current setting is. The screen is also backlit, so you won’t have to look in the dark during movies.

best vizio sound system


We absolutely loved this system, and not just for the newest and biggest blockbusters – the Elevate made us revisit movies that had won awards for sound, and also play old video games. , just to relive them in a whole new way. This set refreshes old favorites, reviving an appreciation for all types of media, while still being ready to handle the most modern sound technology. The Elevate includes Dolby Atmos and DTS: X, so you can lose yourself in cinematic surround sound.

It’s also Vizio’s most award-winning system, even winning the CES Innovation Award at CES 2020. And if you already have a Vizio OLED TV, it fits the curved stand perfectly, making setup even more pleasing to your eyes. as well as ears.

To buy:
Vizio Elevate soundbar
$ 901.14

2. Vizio V-Series 5.1 channel soundbar system

Vizio V-Series 5.1 channel soundbar system


With a sleek, minimalist design, Vizio’s V-Series 5.1 system delivers rich, crisp sound with a relatively small footprint.

The 36-inch bar buttons are conveniently located on the top, making it easy to control volume, input source, Bluetooth, and turn the device on and off. There is an HDMI Arc input, as well as a slot for an optical cable, and older TVs with RCA connections are still compatible. Auxiliary and Bluetooth capabilities make connecting an AI assistant like Alexa, or devices like phones, tablets, even an external turntable, quickly and easily.

The included subwoofer instantly adds thunderous bass without taking up much space and is wireless from the bar while maintaining a strong, uninterrupted connection. A driver five inches below will shake the ground even at moderate settings, and is fully adjustable as well.

Two small but powerful satellite speakers add an extra layer of depth from behind the room, can be mounted with the included hardware, and extra long cables allow for the perfect placement to achieve that just surround feel.

This set comes with all the cables you’ll need, and the color-coated setup is incredibly easy right out of the box.

To buy:
Vizio V-Series 5.1 Home Cinema Sound…
$ 199.95

3. Vizio M-Series 5.1.2 soundbar system

m series vizio

Best buy

Vizio’s M 5.1.2 system is a high-fidelity setup that fits into smaller spaces without compromising on quality.

Virtual DTS: X brings 3D cinema sound in all directions (including simulated from above) and 4K Dolby Vision pass-through with HDMI ARC enables cutting-edge modern sound with a strong and solid signal.

The bar contains powerful speakers, as well as two mountable surround speakers that include adjustable volumes to provide mid-range sound from behind via an RCA connection.

Don’t be fooled by the smaller-sized subwoofer, either – the six-inch speaker packs a lot of oomph to fill the low end of the sound spectrum in your favorite music, games, shows, and movies. Plus, it connects wirelessly to the bar, mixing surround sound effects seamlessly, while allowing you to place it anywhere to experience the best results.

The dialogue is particularly detailed and defined, loud and clear, with just what it takes to lean on the sub to complete it without blurring it. The cables are neatly organized and separated in their own box, including optical, HDMI and an efficient remote control with a small screen and a ton of equalizers and setting options.

To buy:
Vizio M 5.1.2 system
$ 449.99

4. Vizio 36-inch System 2.1 sound bar

vizio 2.1 system review


Even with a smaller-sized woofer, you’ll still get immersive and immense sound from this 36-inch soundbar and subsystem.

Vizio sticks to the sleek bar aesthetic here, with no logos or badges on the front. Clickable buttons are easily accessible on the top of the unit, with HDMI, auxiliary and optical inputs on the back, as well as secure Bluetooth compatibility.

Much like the larger Vizio setups, this one is also DTS Virtual: X compatible, coloring the room with 3D sound that instantly enhances everything you watch. A remote control is included, and while there is no LCD screen, it still offers options to control everything, letting you know the current levels thanks to a minimum of dotted lights on the left side of the camera. closed off.

The subwoofer is compact with a clean aesthetic, and its five-inch driver delivers deeply rich bass – a nice surprise for its size, every time.

To buy:
Vizio Sound Bar 2.1 system
$ 239.98