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Best Sound Performance in DreamWorks Animated Films, Ranked

Since its inception, it loves to compete with Disney movies. oath, Prince of Egypt and The highway to El Doradoto create a number of the most profitable film franchises in the world, as well as shrek, The right way to practice your dragon, child boss, the trolls, Madagascar and kung fu panda, DreamWorks Animation While continuing to make successful films, he also managed to leave an indelible mark on the world of animation.

DreamWorks is probably one of the most revered animation studios in the world, creating its own area of ​​focus early on with cutting edge animations and family movies that appeal to adults as well as children. In all likelihood, one of the most profitable aspects of the studio is their virtually flawless ability to cast the right actors to bring their characters to life. From an intensive alphabet of Hollywood stars, from Will Smith and Brad Pitt to Patrick Stewart and Ralph Fiennes, we’ve picked and ranked the 9 greatest voice performances from DreamWorks Animation Motion movies.


9 Wanda Sykes – Stella (On the Fence)

Certainly not the most memorable DreamWorks film, but still an industrial and major success, 2006 on the fence It featured an all-star voice forged by Bruce Willis, Steve Carell, and William Shatner, among others. it was Wanda SykesNonetheless, what really stands out is his portrayal of Stella, the brash, brash skunk. While it didn’t stray too far from its consolation zone as Sykes can no doubt be the sassy queen whenever she needed it, it was a strong casting selection that suited her perfectly and has resulted in a number of the film’s funniest moments.

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8 Mel Gibson – Rocky Rhodes (Hen Run)

DreamWorks worked with its creators Wallace and Gromit to create this laugh-out-loud stop-motion masterpiece based primarily on the enduring 1963 film. Nice escape…apart from the chickens. Mel Gibson He completely voices Rocky, an awesome and cool American circus rooster who lands hard in the chicken coop and agrees to help the trapped chickens escape. universally acclaimed, rooster raceThe attention to the elements, clever humor, and engaging plot make this not only one of Dreamwork’s best video games, but quite possibly the greatest animated film of all time. Subscribers will be pleased to hear that a Netflix sequel is apparently in the works, after what feels like a lifetime. Hen Run: Dawn of the Nugget.

seven Anna Kendrick – Poppy (Trolls)

In the 70s, 80s and 90s, it seemed like every child had a troll doll with weird hair, but for many toddlers, their first encounter with the world the trolls It will be through the 2016 DreamWorks animated musical. Featuring an eclectic mix of singers and actors with Justin Timberlake, James Corden, Russell Model, Gwen Stefani and John Cleese, Anna Kendrick with Princess Poppy, who steals the present. The feature gave her the right alternative to show off both her singing and performing abilities, and she paired perfectly with the film’s upbeat and fun vibe.