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Best games that revolve around music and sound

Music makes the world go round. A cute saying but one that also rings true. Music and sound play a vital role in any medium in creating the right moods and atmospheres so much that they can feel taken for granted.

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Although it is a key aspect of most video games, some games make music and sound central and central through the use of game mechanics, a world and a story. With interesting directions and unique gaming experiences to enjoy, gamers who are passionate about music (or want to experience something extraordinary) should pick up the following titles and hit the town with them.


8 The artistic escape

A platformer that focuses on young Francis who is on a journey to create the ultimate rock character, artistic escape can be described as a space opera rock strongly inspired by the music and the psychedelic era of the 70s and 80s.

With incredible, beautiful artwork and fantastic music from that era, the game is a delight for anyone who is a fan of classic rock and loves visuals that “pop”. Although the storyline and gameplay don’t demonstrate anything new or groundbreaking, the game reminds its players of how wonderful and magical games can still be.

7 Wild Hearts of Sayonara

Describing itself as a “dream arcade game”, Wild Hearts of Sayonara is a dream-pop album disguised as a rhythm-based video game. The game features 23 distinct levels and follows a young girl who must unite the fractured mysteries to become whole again.

With skateboarding, sword fights, robot wolves, burning cities, tarot cards and Sailor Moon-style battles, the game always brings something new, and yet it’s loaded with nostalgia. Whether you’re a veteran gamer or a casual gamer, there’s something for everyone at this hidden gem.

6 Muffled

Muffled takes the horror genre to a different level. It offers players to use sound or echolocation to map their surroundings and navigate their way through different levels. The problem is that mobs can hear the player every time a sound is made. Pretty cool concept, huh?

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With great graphics, innovative design, and strong voice acting, the game will appeal to both horror fans and gamers looking for a unique experience. The game also features VR and microphone input options to enhance immersion. But players are warned.

5 The Vale: Shadow of the Crown

Step into the shoes of a blind princess navigating an overrun kingdom, The valley tries to create a unique fantasy experience based on sound. Players have described the game as extremely immersive as they rely on their ears to handle conversational and especially combat issues.

The game is accessible to the visually impaired and offers players with good eyesight to experience a story that features original dialogue, world-building, and interesting characters. It’s a must-do experience for anyone looking to try something different in the fantasy genre.

4 No straight roads

No straight roads is a rock n roll duo who must use the power of rock to bring down a corrupt music empire that only accepts EDM. The game is a combination of music-inspired adventure mixed with third-person combat and an awesome soundtrack to go along with it.

Taking inspiration from games like Psychonauts, No Straight Roads will intrigue players with its unique level designs and addictive soundtracks. Developed by a Malaysian studio, players from Southeast Asia or familiar with the region will especially appreciate the cultural nuances and elements of this part of the world and have fun along the way.

3 wandersong

A fantastic and heartwarming story about a little bard who must save the world through music, wandersong is a creative gem that should be played by everyone. A platform game where Little Bard can manipulate objects with his voice, the game features uplifting music and bright visuals. While deceptively cute, the game goes to dark places and touches on mature themes.

Yet the game is ultimately about hope, making friends, and achieving the impossible through determination and self-belief. If there is a game that feels good, it is this one.

2 Crypt of the NecroDancer

A roguelike game that sets the pace, Crypt of the NecroDancer is a great game that lets players enjoy a rogue-lite experience and play along to their music while doing it. Fans of the game finally say that Crypt is challenging but satisfying in the way the difficulty scales.

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A must for all fans of the roguelike genre, Crypt can be a great gateway title for music or rhythm-based games. Polished, addictive and with many unique aspects, players should try the game and then open their eyes when they see how many hours they put into it.

1 Unheard

Voted massively positive on Steam, Unheard has players take on the role of “acoustic detectives” who must solve cases by listening to and re-enacting crime scenes. The game challenges players by only providing visuals that include the location’s floor plan, character silhouettes, and their respective voices.

Players can feel like real detectives trying to decipher clues by choosing what information is important or not regarding the timeline of the case. It won’t be a surprising feat if players decide to complete the game in a single sitting.

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