Sound controls

Authorities sound alarm as TN records 18 rabies deaths in 8 months in 2022

“The threat of stray dogs is also very present in our city and it shows a complete failure on the part of the company authorities in addressing the problem. Stray dogs are so often seen in Vepery and Choolai where pet owners visiting Madras Veterinary College abandon them. Moreover, it shows that animal control birth control program is not implemented effectively in Chennai,” says Dr Surendhar, a resident of Choolai.

“Citizens have the right to feed the dogs of the community, but in exercising this right care should be taken that it does not infringe on the rights of others or cause any harm, hindrance, harassment and nuisance to other people or members of the community. society. Only a few dogs become aggressive, and humans are the main reason. And inhumane orders against dogs cannot be accepted. They should think about their future and how they will survive in this society,” says M Balakrishnan, an animal activist.

MP for Lok Sabha and animal activist Maneka Gandhi released a video against the false reports circulating in the media especially in Kerala regarding the Supreme Court’s oral observation on the issue of street dogs in Kerala.

“Recently in Salem, a government bus driver fell from the vehicle and died after the driver slammed on the brakes to prevent a dog from crossing the road. Several road fatalities are caused by dogs,” admits a life member of Madras SPCA pointing out that the state government has no action plan in the state to stem the threat.

“There must be a census of dogs and their population must be controlled scientifically. Dogs with rabies and viral infections should be killed. Healthy puppies and dogs should be transferred to an adoption center or home. Then the animal birth control program should be resumed on a large scale,” suggests the dog lover.

“Children are often attacked by stray dogs when they are on the streets and dog lovers do not understand the seriousness of the problem. Other stray dogs also pose a danger to wildlife by spreading viral infections. The jackal , leopard, wild dog, lion and tiger are also vulnerable to distemper and rabies which can spread from the stray dog ​​population,” says K Brinda, Conservation Scientist, Biodiversity Conservation Foundation , Tiruchy.

“Feeding strays has become a risky proposition in the current scenario. My neighbors had suffered an attack from the dog they fed daily and had been put on treatment. This is very risky as most stray dogs are not tamed or trained compared to pets. As dogs are often exposed to fighting with other dogs, they lose their friendly characteristics and sometimes even bite the person feeding them,” says Dayanand Krishnan, a civic activist in Chitlapakkam.

“The government can pick up stray dogs from the streets and grow a canine yard to hold them until they are tamed or trained. Controlling stray dogs is essential to saving children from dog bites,” he adds.

“Even if complaints are lodged with the services concerned, they do not bother to go there or to have the dogs vaccinated. We are afraid to send the children outside alone because the dogs chase them. And when we feed them, the dogs behave aggressively,” says Tambaram resident Ananthanan.