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Auralex Acoustics Adds Three Finish Options for T’Fusor Sound Diffuser – rAVe [PUBS]

Auralex Acoustics has just announced three new finishes for its T’Fusor sound diffuser: Carbon Fiber, Sports Car Red and Matte Black. The new T’Fusor models “retain the diffusive profile of the T’Fusor surface while complementing the aesthetic of any studio, stage, theater or control room.” The T’Fusor is made from heavy duty ABS and is available in individual units and sets of four. The original white (and paintable) T’Fusor also remains available.

Sized at 23.75″ x23.75″ x 6″, all T’Fusors fit into a standard drop ceiling or can be installed on a wall or ceiling.

Auralex claims that their T’Fusors instantly provide a sense of sonic space by breaking up reflections and floating echo without removing excess sonic energy from a space. Geometric diffusers, such as the Auralex T’Fusor and GeoFusor, are often placed on the back walls of medium to large sized control rooms, as well as in monitoring rooms, where they expand the space and can help artists to hear each. other better.

T’Fusor’s design “allows the insertion of a 1″ absorber and acoustic filler into its interior cavity, allowing T’Fusor to provide useful amounts of low frequency trapping and diffusion characteristics further improved.”

All Auralex T’Fusor finishes are shipped and priced as follows:

  • Carbon fiber: single $99.99; four-pack $327.99
  • Red sports car: single $99.99; four-pack $327.99
  • Matte black: single $82.99; four-pack $299.99