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Audio Devices A10-TX, A10-RX, A20-Mini and A20-Remote v5.00 Firmware

Sound Devices has released firmware v5.00 for its A10-TX, A10-RX, A20-Mini and A20-Remote.

Firmware v5.00 introduces a new modulation type for the A10-TX, A10-RX, A20-Mini and the associated A20-Remote application. This new long range modulation is 100% digital and claims to offer the longest transmission distance of any wireless system on the market. Line-of-sight transmission and heavy multipath transmission should see marked improvements over the original “standard” modulation. Long Range Modulation delivers the same audio quality (10Hz – 20kHz) as Standard Modulation with little additional latency.

The new firmware also introduces a quality meter or Q-meter. Previously, the A10/A20 system only offered an RSSI meter, which only displayed information about the incoming signal strength. In an RF-rich environment, it is possible to have a strong incoming signal but still suffer signal loss due to RF interference. The new Q-meter displays the difference between the transmitter signal and any interference. When a low or no interference free frequency is selected, the Q-meter will display five bars. Professionals can use the Q-meter to confidently choose the frequencies that will provide the best performance and range.

Screenshot 2022 04 07 at 9 41 51 AM

Long-range modulation and Q-meter join a growing list of features in the A10/A20 digital wireless system. Building on the audio quality and rock-solid timecode of the A10 wireless system, the A20-Mini transmitter introduced internal 32-bit floating point recording and proprietary GainForward architecture. The GainForward architecture eliminates the need to adjust the gain at the transmitter, instead the gain is controlled at the receiver or mixer. The A20-Mini’s companion app for iOS and Android, A20-Remote, offers full remote control of the A20-Mini’s recording and settings and even the ability to completely power on and off the transmitter. The A10-RX and A20-Mini offer a worldwide tuning range of 470-694.

Other improvements in version 5.00 include additional group control settings in A20-Remote, menu improvements for A20-Remote and A10-RX, and more.

Sound professionals can view a full list of v5.00 firmware changes and upgrade their A10, A20-Mini and A20-Remote wireless system by visiting and -remote