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ALBUM REVIEW: Endless Motion – Press Club

Melbourne-based rockers PRESS CLUB return with their third studio album, endless movement, a record that was slow to arrive after two years of delays and frustration due to COVID. Originally slated to be recorded and released in 2020, the unfortunate timing and lockdown allowed the band to rethink the material they had prepared and start from scratch. What we have now presented today is a record full of frustration in the face of false starts, uprooted normalcy, and disrupted life events.

Opening with the sound of comments from a recording studio session, Eugene starts the record strong once the hard-hitting instruments and powerful vocals enter into what becomes a brilliant pop-rock style track. loose street continues this brilliance in a piece that recalls MARMOZETS‘ gritty rock style as the lyrics call for someone’s constant criticism of you and everything you do. For them you can do no good, so fuck them – who cares what they think?

endless movement refuses to stay in one box or focus on one style or genre. We get spoken-style vocals accompanied by fast guitar and bass in Untitled Faunawhile Canceled is a fantastic punk track that goes in so many different directions that blends beautifully with the gritty life lines as the group reflects on the constant disappointment and false starts of the past two years. And the title track is just a song that would be amazing live.

Other highlights include Glasgow, a fun and catchy guitar-driven song that reflects the ever-crazy touring life where you wake up to a bustling new town every day. It’s confusing and terrifying at times, but it’s one of the most exciting things and you wouldn’t trade it for anything. This reflection continues in I can change, a song written during lockdown when the band thought back to the times when they complained about their grueling schedule and wished more than anything they could do it right now. It’s an understanding in that it’s part of achieving their dream and wish their attitude at that time could change. They will never take it for granted again.

On first listening to this disc, you will notice that endless movement leaves you happy; there’s something about the record that makes you feel nostalgic and comfortable. What we think is that this band is a shining light in the recent emergence of new musicians on the rock scene. Charismatic, full of attitude, fun and gritty, this record is simply brilliant. PRESS CLUB are a real gem and we can’t wait to see what awaits them next

Rating: 9/10

Endless Motion is available now through Hassle Records.

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