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ALBUM REVIEW: A journey through time – Voyager

An extraordinary experience curated by fans, made for fans, finally reaches a worldwide release. Progressive metalheads TRAVELER bring A journey through time to physical and digital release, and it’s the trip of a lifetime. The Perth outfit taped the show in August 2021 in their hometown Magnet House. Airing it only once the following month, the group now opens up the experience to everyone. Summarizing two decades of success within a setlist of 16 fan-voted tracks, this is a show that will send the listener on an adventure through space, time and all dimensions of the known universe. Prepare for takeoff.

The set begins appropriately with In the morning light; taken from the group’s first album in 2003 V-element. It’s a strong opening tune, with a singer Daniel Estrin welcoming the listener on the titular journey at the start of the track before fully entering the flow of things. As an event meant to showcase the band’s collective career, it proves that even after more than 20 years of creating music, they can still go back and bask in their own nostalgia.

As the five pieces play, the LP plays less like a live recording and more like a metal-based opera. A story told through shreds of guitar, melodic vocals and captivating growls. There are ups and downs, pirouettes and roundabouts and missing even one beat would derail one. As they approach the halfway mark, they begin to tackle their third studio recording. i am the revolution. This is where the drama and tension builds; this is where everyone is too deep to stop and even take a break. estrine asks halfway through the track, “Do we need more?” – regardless of the context of this question, the answer for TRAVELER is always an overwhelming yes.

The set closes appropriately with Shining star and Run away, two of the band’s most recent hits. Taken from their last studio release, 2019 colors in the sunthe cycle is complete and the retrospective ends with eyes wide open and ears full of electronic rhythms and fascinating harmonies.

In more modern times, the Aussie collective are known for putting more power pop elements into their work. That’s how it is with many heavy bands: they grow, adapt, change, change – but they want to label their music from one era to another. TRAVELER have managed to succeed over the years – Shining star would never dare to appear inside V-element. Thank goodness it didn’t, but thank goodness it also appeared when it was needed, when the time was right. They knew what they were doing.

A journey through time plays like a sci-fi tale told through an escalation of melodies, set at a time when the world was in real turmoil and uncertainty. With hindsight, it’s more fiction than reality, but we mustn’t forget that. Released at a better time for the band and for the world, it can be enjoyed for what it is. TRAVELER‘s own autobiography, from birth to growth to their current point. And there is no end in sight. Here is a fantastic journey.

Rating: 9/10

A Voyage Through Time is available now through Season Of Mist.

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