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Activating Modern Warfare 2 Dead Silence plays a warning sound to alert enemy players

Here’s something that might annoy Call of Duty players, it seems that based on the beta, those who activate the Modern Warfare 2 Dead Silence Field upgrade will trigger a warning sound that will be heard by enemies to notify them that the terrain upgrade is being used.

You do not believe me ? Check out this footage captured by the Reddit user RealMathematician363 as proof:

Dead silence huge problem of ModernWarfareII

What’s even more confusing is that the player triggering Dead Silence doesn’t even know a warning sound is being triggered! As you can see in the clip above, the enemy who has no idea someone is lying behind them was alerted to the sound, and they even knew where it came from.

For those who use Dead Silence and wonder why you suddenly get dashed or mowed down by enemy fire after activating it, you now know.

It looks like developer Infinity Ward has sneaked in a downside for the field upgrade, which is not present in other field upgrades (as far as we know). If so, this appears to be another step by the studio to prevent players from rushing too much during a match. I mean, no red dots on the minimap, no noisy and now that it seems like the ‘safe’ way to play Modern Warfare 2 online would be to put yourself in positions of power.

Is this a concern for you, or is this normal given the way the game has been designed so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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