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A mysterious sound leads to the rescue of a kitten in Garden City

(Courtesy of Garden City Fire Department)

GARDEN CITY, Kan. (KSNW) – Workers at Westlake Ace Hardware in Garden City were sure to hear kittens meowing. However, they could not find where the source. It was even more confusing because some customers thought it looked more like birds.

Eventually, a manager found the source after hearing the noise heard from the exit door. The manager crawled into the attic and could see kittens in the wall on an isolation bed.

The workers tried to reach the kittens, but a piece of sheet metal obstructed them.

The store called the Garden City Fire Department on Monday. Firefighters and an animal control officer came to the rescue.

They managed to cut through the metal and get the three kittens to safety.

(Courtesy of the Garden City Fire Department)

“Although not our typical type of rescue, we were happy to help save these little fur babies,” GCFD said on its Facebook page.

The Garden City Police Department said the kittens are now in foster care. The GCPD Facebook page said:

“Great teamwork between the Garden City Fire Department – ​​KS and Animal Control Officer Mead yesterday! We are happy to report that these babies are safe and sound in foster care!”

Store workers are still looking for the kittens’ mother so they can reunite her with her babies.