Sound studio

A $46 million sound stage to attract international productions

Docklands is set to become the ‘go-to destination’ for international filmmakers following the unveiling of a ‘great’ new $46 million sound stage at Docklands Studios.

Sound Stage 6, which features a 900,000-liter, 4.5-meter-deep water tank specially designed for filming large-scale underwater scenes, officially opened on March 26.

The new stage covers around 3,700 square meters – almost the size of three Olympic swimming pools – and is expected to create a huge boost in creative jobs and attract local and international film productions.

Located in Docklands Drive, Sound Stage 6 has been funded by the state government as part of its $191.5 million VCSCREEN strategy, a major investment in local film, television, games and entertainment programs. Skill developpement.

The sci-fi thriller Foe, which stars Saoirse Ronan and Paul Mescal, is currently filming at the studios while Robbie Williams’ biopic Better Man will be the first film to begin production at the facility.

Docklands Studios has had “one of its busiest times” despite the challenges of the pandemic with the Netflix series Clickbait, NBCU’s La Brea and the TV adaptation of Shantaram for Paramount Television having been taped.

Australian actress Rachel Griffiths, known for her role in Muriel’s Wedding, said she was “so excited” to see the state-of-the-art studio open in “my hometown and I thank the Victorian government for recognizing the cultural value and economical to increase the capacity of our studio.

Melbourne City Councilor Jamal Hakim said the studios were “becoming a clear powerhouse” with the new soundstage would be huge for the local economy.

“It’s an investment in new jobs in Docklands and in the film industry. I can’t wait to see what productions come out of Docklands,” he said.

“Docklands is one of our family neighborhoods, with so much entertainment and safe access to water, so it’s a fantastic place for movies, music and tech.”

Docklands Studios chairman David Hanna said the opening of Sound Stage 6 “would reinforce our growing reputation as a go-to destination for international producers”.

Creative Industries Minister Danny Pearson said the new stage would see a “significant increase” in the injection of millions of dollars into the economy and the creation of thousands of local jobs •