Sound systems

DTS Play-Fi allows TVs to integrate into wireless surround sound systems

DTS has announced a new feature for its Play-Fi wireless system in the form of Play-Fi Home Theater, allowing TVs to integrate seamlessly into wireless surround sound systems. You may think this is something happening already and it is, but not to the extent that DTS takes it. With increasingly thinner televisions, the issue of […]

Sound production

Japanese sound production in Tokyo chooses Matrox Monarch EDGE for remote productions

A full-service video production company, Tokyo Sound Production (TSP) provides video coverage of live entertainment and sporting events across Japan. In order to optimize resources and expand its live online streaming offering, the company needed a pair of encoders and decoders capable of carrying multiple channels of exceptional quality video over long distances to the […]

Sound systems

Car audio: how audio technology and improved sound systems improve music on the move

VSar audio was once the poor son-in-law of home stereo systems. While your couch could masquerade as an orchestral seat in the center of the sixth row, your vehicle offered a utility, static AM radio that rivaled the rumble of the engine, traffic noise, and damaged pavements. Which cars have the best audio systems? But […]