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10 unrealized Edgar Wright movies that sound incredible

Edgar Wright is one of the most exciting directors working today, as his colorful visual style, unique use of music, and creative editing is a genre in its own right. His filmography is not extensive, but he was attached to many projects.

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The director is really in a league of his own among his contemporaries, but even with his talent, because of one unfortunate problem or another, projects fail. Between a Shaun of the Dead sequel and a secret sci-fi film produced by JJ Abrams, there are so many great-sounding Wright projects that could have been made.

ten From dusk to Shaun

Shaun and his friends raise billiard sticks to fight in Shaun of the Dead.

Shaun of the Dead was Wright’s groundbreaking film, so it’s only natural that he is considering making a sequel. And as the pun’s title suggests, the movie reportedly traded zombies for vampires. However, it’s probably for the best that no sequel has been made, as the 2004 film is a great standalone movie piece, a perfect parody of zombie movies, and horror comedy sequels aren’t. do not necessarily tend to work.

Ironically, one of the Zombieland 2The main threads of draw heavily on a joke in Shaun of the Dead, when all the characters meet look-alikes. However, there were two spiritual consequences, Warm down and the end of the world, which make up the “Three Flavor Cornetto Trilogy”.

9 The ant Man

Scott Lang reveals his identity in Ant-Man

It has been well documented how Wright was attached to The ant Man, and the man himself even talked about it, making him one of the top filmmakers to follow on Twitter. Before director Peyton Reed got attached to directing the film, it was Wright that the MCU hired to write and direct the 2015 film.

Considering the visual quality, fast pace, and camera trickery that Wright uses in his work, he is perfectly suited to direct a The ant Man movie. And it’s impossible to imagine all the creative visual gags that Wright undoubtedly had in mind. Wright and Marvel went their separate ways due to creative differences in the end. Wright did earn writing credit on the film’s final result, however, but how much of his story and dialogue went into the final cut is one to guess.


8 Not

Edgar Wright's Don't Title Card

Mill was the 2007 project of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, and it consisted of two action films influenced by the B movies, Planet terror and Proof of death. There were even fake B movie trailers to go along with the dual functionality, and one of those trailers was Not, directed by Wright. Just like the Machete trailer was adapted into a feature film, it was planned to do the same with Not.

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The trailer teased a video villain-influenced slasher movie, and even the 80-second trailer is shameless Wright. At some point, depending on Rotten tomatoes, it seemed that there could have been a Mill 2 with Not being one of two films. While the project wasn’t canceled outright, producers and creatives haven’t talked about the idea in years. And given that the first Mill was a box office bomb, Dimension is unlikely to be willing to greenlight a sequel.

seven The night tracker

Kolchack looks worried in The Night Stalker

In 2012, Disney hired Wright to adapt the ’70s TV show. The night tracker, who follows a detective who tries to uncover mysterious crimes. It was in development, and Johnny Depp was even cast for the lead role, but nothing came of it. It’s a shame because of all the great movie adaptations of TV shows, The night tracker could have been one of the best.

According to Deadline, Wright was to work only on The night tracker after the completion of The ant Man, but that never happened and instead he wrote and directed Baby Driver. Again, while it has not been canceled, there has been no news or update on The night tracker, with or without Wright attached. But maybe the creative differences that led Wright to leave The ant Man may have caused more friction between him and Disney than people realize.

6 Collider

Of all of Wright’s unrealized projects, many of which have been widely reported, very little is known about Collider. According to Deadline, the film would have been directed by Paramount Pictures and JJ Abrams was to produce it. Considering the title of the movie and the fact that Abrams was a part of the project, this could very well have been a sci-fi movie.

Although Wright directed the sci-fi comedy the end of the world, it would be great to see the director take on a real sci-fi movie. However, as it was in 2012, the director was such a prized commodity and every studio wanted a slice of Wright’s frenetic pace. The director may have had to give up on the film just because he had signed so many projects at the time.

5 Grasshopper jungle

In 2014, Wright was committed to directing Grasshopper jungle, an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Andrew Smith. The novel is a coming-of-age story about two high school kids in a fictional, half-abandoned Iowa town.

The YA book has a quirky, dark tone, which makes it perfectly fitting that Wright was committed to directing the adaptation. However, the film is sadly another project that appears to be staying in development hell, as there haven’t been any updates since it was first announced that Wright was tied up almost eight years.

4 Dodge and turn

There have been tons of attempts to remake and tell the story of Oliver twist, but curiously, Dodge and turn is a sequel that takes place 20 years later. While it’s not clear whether or not Wright planned to direct it, he submitted a script rewrite to the studio.

Although he has not yet reached the stage of casting, according to SlashFilm, Andrew Garfield and Eddie Redmayne were “being considered” for the lead roles. And what makes this unconventional sequel / adaptation even more interesting is that it would’ve had a steampunk aesthetic as well.

3 Fortunately, Milk

The cover of the book Fortunately, Milk with a Dinosaur in a Bag

The night tracker isn’t the only movie Wright was scheduled to work on with Johnny Depp, as the director and actor were both hired to Fortunately, Milk. The oddly titled film is an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name, which is a time travel story that follows a father visiting a grocery store to buy milk.

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The film was to be a hybrid of live action and animation. Considering the possibilities offered by the concept of time travel, this could have been a great project for Wright and again would have been a perfect vessel for many of the director’s trademarks. Unfortunately, nothing came of it in the six years since its announcement.

2 baby driver 2

Ansel Elgort in Baby Driver opening scene

Of all the projects Wright has been involved in, baby driver 2 is undoubtedly the most requested, even more than Shaun of the Dead. The film is by far the director’s biggest hit, grossing more than $ 220 million worldwide (according to Mojo ticket office), and was popular with critics and the general public.

The first film follows the best cinematic getaway pilot, and it was packed perfectly and works well as a standalone movie. However, audiences want nothing more than to see more amazing stunts in sync with classic rock and roll songs. Wright wrote the screenplay for the Baby Driver sequel, but it remains to be seen whether it will ever be produced.

1 Shadows

Screenshot of the canceled Edgar Wright project Shadow

Even though all of his movies are live action, they do give off an animated feel and Wright’s style certainly lends itself to the medium. That’s why it’s surprising that the director hasn’t dabbled in animation yet.

However, Wright co-wrote an animated film with David Walliams years ago, which carried the title Shadows. According to geek lair, not much is known about the premise of the mysterious project, only that it was based on “the concept of shadows”. He’s been in development since 2010 and has also changed directors on several occasions.

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