Survival Game: the first is a battle royale to compete against Fortnite and PUBG Mobile

January 17, 2019 0 Comment


Xiaomi is a company that, beyond the quality and prices of its smartphones, stands out for the quantity of products launched throughout the year. Now his new project is a videogame, it will be called ‘Survival Game’ and it is a Battle Royale that wants a slice of the cake of titles like ‘PUBG Mobile’, ‘Fortnite’ and ‘Free Fire’.

Image result for fortnite‘Survival Game’ is a title of shots in three dimensions that will have a futuristic setting. The objective will remain the same, the winner will be the only survivor of the place. At the start of the game we will launch a spaceship to some area of ​​the map with the need to collect different resources to eliminate others.

 In Xataka Mexico Fortnite is now available for all Android users in Mexico, so you can download it


A market in which everyone wants to be

Its developers mention that they have elements that make them different from the rest, the first point they point out is the world of science fiction that will be reflected in the different weapons and vehicles available . Another difference will be that players can use an aircraft to fly, offering another type of strategy.

In the case of the characters, will have a very advanced personalization, so that each user has a player to represent him. They also indicate that they were working on optimizing the game so that it can be adapted to any device.

The title will start with a closed beta, originally the limit to participate for an access was for October 31, but the company mentions that the response was very large and currently already have enough applicants. They point out that in the coming weeks they will launch a second beta to offer more access.