Super Smash Bros Ultimate: the most important game of Nintendo for this 2018 was leaked on the Internet and Mexico could be the origin

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A year ago we told you that some stores in Mexico sold ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ days before its official launch. Something that is nothing new, it is normal to find the releases in the gray market one weekend before it leaves for all, apparently now the story was repeated and it was with ‘Super Smash Bros: Ultimate’.

Several reports indicate that there are people playing it ahead of time, but mainly from digital copies uploaded to the Nintendo Switch illegally, Motherboard assures that those illegal copies were obtained from a cartridge that was sold prematurely in Mexico . The first images of the game and its packaging were published in a 4Chan forum .

 In Xataka Mexico Characters of ‘Castlevania’ join ‘Smash Bros Ultimate’, in addition the game will have more than 300 stages and 28 hours of music

The snowball was growing

One of the first publications shows the title box, as well as some pictures of the game running on the console with the menus in Spanish. At the beginning it only seemed that someone had gotten the game a couple of weeks before and nothing else, but the problem grew when different users with the modified Nintendo Switch confirmed that the game was already downloadable.

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That does not necessarily mean that the version that circulates on the internet comes from the cartridge that apparently was obtained in Mexico, but various sources of Motherboard say yes. The group of hackers WarezNX confirmed that a modified Nintendo Switch was already blocked, but they did not clarify if it was for trying to connect to the servers of the game.

Although you have an original copy of the game, there are risks of a blockade of the console by Nintendo since you have access to the game long before its release . Detail that is not exclusive to the Japanese developer, also PlayStation and Xbox can perform the same function.

They want to eliminate any trace

The YouTube channels that uploaded part of the game’s soundtrack have been denounced by Nintendo and most are no longer online . It is not a new issue for Nintendo, some years ago they suffered the same problem with a title of ‘ Pokémon ‘ for 3DS, at that time they managed to block the accounts that they detected that they connected to the servers of the company, subject that could be similar with the Switch.

All the Char of Smash Ultimate
-Release all known characters
-Create a backup of the Save File
-Show on the screen that characters are already released in your Save File
-You can release specific characters by clicking on their icon
-Bilingual (English / Spanish).

Even the game has already managed to be modified by means of a bran file. When starting, only the eight characters of the first ‘Smash Bros’ are available and it is necessary to play to unblock the others. Apparently there is another method where through a Windows program you can unlock any character directly .