Samsung will bring console games to their smartphones with the help of Microsoft and its xCloud project

January 17, 2019 0 Comment


Image result for samsung console gamesMicrosoft already made official that they are working on a new generation of consoles, but also prepare a streaming service that they define as the future of video games. In 2019 they will start with their tests and the goal is to reach millions of new players around the world , offering the same quality of a console, but on any mobile device.

Samsung is the first company to reveal that its mobile devices will have support for Project xCloud . The company is still looking for new ways to make its Galaxy equipment attractive to the player market.

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Samsung could bet on gaming

The way it will work is through an internet connection, Microsoft has mentioned that one of the keys in its service is that the delay of the image is minimal. In order to play we will need to connect one of the controls of Xbox One by bluetooth , although they also confirmed that they seek to adapt the controls of the games directly to the touch screen.

At the moment it was not revealed in which company’s devices the service could be compatible. There is currently a rumor that Samsung is working on a smartphone for gaming, similar to what has already introduced companies like Huawei , Xiaomi or Razer .

Kareem Choudhry, corporate vice president for the Microsoft cloud game, said that they have the ability to bring the 3,000 available games of Xbox One to service without much effort. The only thing they will need will be the approval of the developers to share the necessary tools.

It is expected in the coming weeks to reveal more manufacturers interested in participating in Project xCloud with the first tests they will have in 2019.