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There are points in a consumer’s life where liquidity is rather weak. Then the question arises how to lend the best money. The house bank is not always ready to grant a loan for urgently needed purchases. Especially if you have low income and few collateral. Still, there is the possibility that you can take out a loan online. Of course, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. For example, it is very important that you get to a reputable provider. You may be wondering how to identify a reputable credit provider.

How can I identify a reputable provider for a loan?

As in business life in general, it is important that you find a provider that will lend you money on the right terms. For a loan, it is primarily important that you pay neither high interest nor additional costs. If you make a comparison, you will surely find a provider who can give you a good loan. You can do the online comparison from the comfort of your own home .

This also means that you do not have an increased amount of time. You can then also calculate the monthly rate at which you have to calculate when you receive a certain amount. The lower the interest, the smaller the rate you have to pay off month by month.

Keep an eye on the costs

A reputable provider is also flexible regarding installment payments. This means that you can usually pay exactly the rate that fits your personal budget. You must remember that you have other payment obligations in addition to the loan. Of course you have to fulfill these as well. It would be a disaster if, for example, you were unable to pay the rent after receiving a loan. You will not get into this embarrassment if you have found a good and reputable supplier.

Then, in many cases, it is possible for you to adjust the repayment of the loan to personal circumstances . If you succeed, you have already gained a lot. In today’s world, it’s easier to find a loan that suits your needs.

Online comparisons for reputable loans

It used to be that you had to rush from one bank to another like a petitioner. Today you have a good overview of the offers online. Of course, if you have any further questions, you should ask them as well. Then you can assume that all ambiguities have been eliminated . You can take in a sum of money and repay it without difficulty, including moderate interest. So you create a bit of independence and a certain amount of liquidity.

In many cases this also means an improvement in your quality of life. If you think a little bit, you can not go wrong here. If you are interested you should make a first contact. One will then surely find a solution.

Reputable providers – other notes

At first glance, classic loans from savings banks or other banks seem to be the more serious offer, but also in the field of online loans established vendors who also lend serious credit. But the provider says nothing about the seriousness, here it is important to pay attention to various features.

Even a cheap loan can be a trusting credit, important are transparent cost representations and an annual interest calculation. Reputable contractual conditions are characterized by the fact that all conditions and facts are presented in a concrete and clear manner before concluding the contract.

The annual percentage rate of charge, the basic conditions for the grant must be met, other contractual conditions and the period of processing should be mentioned.

If the lender demands a security to secure the loan, this also speaks for a serious approach. In Internet offers should be paid attention to whether the lender has a valid imprint, in Germany this is mandatory.

If possible, reviews and reviews should be viewed and asked for personal experience of other borrowers. Evaluation portals are an option for this. Also the way of a possible contact should be checked.

If this is only possible online, you should rather refrain from this offer, or even on classic ways, such as telephone, or even personal contact.

Bank-free loan offers

Since it basically speaks for the seriousness, if queries are made at the Bank and with regard to the current creditworthiness, it is necessary to consider so-called Bank-free offers with caution.

Of course, a bank expects to be able to redeem liabilities and, in order to verify solvency, appropriate information will be obtained. Bank stores data on payment behavior and on existing liabilities.

In the case of negative entries, the credit is denied or further collateral is demanded, for example via a guarantee. Consequently, this procedure protects those borrowers who, with this precautionary measure, are protected against further over-indebtedness.

However, there is the possibility to borrow without Bank query, but to protect against fraud, it is here the offer especially to check. The bank behind the broker should be examined carefully, reputable Bank-free loans usually come from Switzerland or Liechtenstein.
However, collateral and credit checks are also required here, in the case of offers without the security required (submission of bank statements, or pay slips) should actually be assumed by dubious behavior.

Bank-free credit providers should be sought after reviews and customer testimonials. The same applies to an immediate loan payment promised by the provider before checking the collateral and after paying a fee. For serious offers, however, a fee is incurred only after the conclusion of the contract.

Direct credit from the internet or bank

Nowadays, the question of whether loans at the bank are more serious than those on the Internet can not be answered so easily. On both sides there are certainly reputable, as well as dubious providers.

Both variants have corresponding advantages and disadvantages in this regard, which must be weighed up. Cheap interest rates can usually be achieved with internet loans, as well as several providers can be better and faster compared directly. Since no bank branch has to be visited, the loan application is quickly filled in from home and sent.

These points, in contrast, also represent the disadvantages compared to a loan at a bank. The personal advice, with the possibility for individual queries is missing, with online loans, the offer is limited to a telephone support as a rule.

If no personal contact at all is possible, that is, exclusively online, then you should completely refrain from such an offer. Although the cheaper interest rates are generally offered for internet loans, a discussion at a bank offers personal negotiation options and completely different individual interest rate agreements.

A general answer can therefore not be made with regard to the seriousness of the various offers.
It is important to weigh what personal attention is given. In all offers, however, care should always be taken to ensure that there is transparency and, in principle, advice and personal contact are possible.

Loans from Liechtenstein and Switzerland

If you are looking for a loan despite your bad credit rating, you can refer to loans from banks in Liechtenstein and Switzerland as reputable among the “Bank-free offers”. The banks in Germany are required by law to protect the citizen from financial damage, to check their financial circumstances before a loan is granted.

Banks abroad do not have this legal obligation. This does not mean that these credit institutions do without credit checks, but these are usually carried out on the basis of other criteria and not by requesting information files.

The focus here is on salary or other securities that guarantee a regular repayment, but not the valuation of old debts. This makes it easier for customers to get a loan with negative Bank entries. Those who are informed accordingly will find that the offers from both Switzerland and now market leader from Liechtenstein are offered by a few banks that are fundamentally regarded as reputable.

Caution is required with regard to the credit intermediary. Market-leading credit intermediaries have established themselves, the seriousness of which is to be determined by comparisons and on corresponding rating portals. Should make suspicious, if in advance a commission is to be paid, or other fees are incurred. The obligation to conclude additional contracts or insurance should also encourage a special consideration of this offer.

User Experience – “Fake Testimonials” seal of quality

In order to be able to get an idea of ​​providers and offers, it is nowadays advisable to google for user experiences. Many internet exchanges bundle subject-related reports, but also test reports, for example from the consumer centers, about the corresponding providers.

What you should not rely on unchecked are so-called “fake testimonials” and quality labels. “Fake testimonials” are alleged customer ratings, usually provided with a photo, which the providers themselves include in their offers directly on their own homepage. Prospective customer satisfaction and seriousness are played to potential customers, but as a rule it should be assumed that the provider himself writes these evaluations, and thus does not come from “real” customers.

Therefore, independent portals should be consulted in order to be aware of real customer experience. Also with alleged seals of quality on the homepage of the respective offerer it is worthwhile to check these.
Dubious providers are not afraid to write seals on the homepage to give the appearance of tested quality, which ultimately does not exist. Therefore, the homepages of the providers should also be closely examined with regard to such criteria.