For the first time in 24 years PlayStation will not attend the E3, Sony moves away from the most important videogame event in the world

January 17, 2019 0 Comment


PlayStation underwent some major changes in 2018, for E3 they decided to do a slightly different conference, where there were not many games compared to other editions and the only important exclusive title they had at that time was ‘Spider-Man’ that appeared in September.

The last four years celebrated the PlayStation Experience in December to close the year, but in 2018 we would not have either, the reasons being that there were not so many announcements. Now the surprise comes from the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), revealing that Sony will not be present at the E3 of 2019 .


They will look for new ways to present their games

Game Informer received a statement from Sony where they say the decision was made because they are looking for new ways to involve the community. They mention the importance that fans have and that is why they want to experiment with new ways of transmitting their messages.

Jennifer Clark, PlayStation’s senior vice president of communications, also confirmed that they have no plans to prepare a conference or any type of event around E3 .

The panorama for PlayStation is complicated in a matter of exclusives, we know that they have prepared titles like ‘The Last of Us 2’, ‘Ghost of Tsushima’ or ‘Death Stranding’, but it is a reality that none of those games have a confirmed release date .

Some rumors suggest that the launch of the PlayStation 5 could occur in 2020, which is why they could also wait a little longer to make a much larger announcement.