Discovery of AUKEY KM-P3 XXL Gaming Mat

January 17, 2019 0 Comment


Image result for AUKEY Gaming MatGamers friends, I think of you! Indeed I have what you need in order to have a stable office with this mat of XXL gaming that our partner AUKEY has made especially for you.
It is code-named KM-P3 and I will get you to discover it through this article.



AUKEY Gaming Mat Test

Main Features

  •  Dimensions of 900 x 400 x 4 mm
  • Weight of 900 grams
  • Made of rubber and fabric
  • Anti-wear seams
  • Non-slip rubber
  • Machine washable or hand washable
  • 24 months warranty



As usual, I’ll start with the packaging and what we find in it.
Both on the front and back of the box, we find the AUKEY logo and the specific model of the carpet on one side and the other a QR code for more information.
In the box nothing very special, the famous warranty card of 24 months and the carpet Aukey KM-P3.


The carpet design is a simple and rectangular model with dimensions of 900 x 400 x 4 mm (width x long x height) and a weight of 900 grams. The only thing that stands out in comparison to a basic rug is that it has the AUKEY logo on the top left and the bottom right on the company name.

Here we have a fine textured surface that provides us with a soft platform for perfect interactions with the mouse. In addition we are still 4 mm thick which is very good.

All the edges of the carpet are braided by a machine so that they are not damaged first and do not suffer from our wrists.


After a use of several weeks, this carpet meets all my requirements

  • For the game because a good mat is essential for any player. The movement of the mouse must be fast and accurate.
    With a rectangular rug, we have plenty of room for the keyboard and the mouse.
  • For office or design it is necessary to have a carpet for a perfect slip: the mouse, and in this case the KM-P3 perfectly fulfills its function.

I can only recommend this XXL AUKEY KM-P3 gaming mat .
Indeed the size is perfect for a medium size office and the materials used are great qualities .
The surface is silky and offers little resistance to the mouse while having a great grip on my wooden desk for example.
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality at low prices because AUKEY offers this product for less than 15 € which is just extra compared to what can be found in the competition.