AUKEY GH-S4 7.1 Stereo Gaming Headset Discovery

January 17, 2019 0 Comment


I continue in the presentation of articles dedicated to gaming with this time a 7.1 AUKEY stereo headphones, the scepter GH-S4!


Image result for 7.1 AUKEY stereo headphonesAUKEY GH-S4 gaming headphone test

Main Features

  •  Dimensions of 22 x 20 x 12 centimeters
  • Weight of 650 grams
  • 2.4 meters cable length
  • Diameter of each loudspeaker of 50 milimeters
  • Sensitivity: 97dB (± 3)
  • Impedance: 16 Ω (± 15%)
  • Nominal Power / Maximum Input: 20mW / 30mW



Image result for 7.1 AUKEY stereo headphonesAUKEY is an increasingly well-known brand of the Internet, its multitude of computer accessories and its high quality make it a brand in which we can trust.
Moreover for those who follow this blog for quite a long time you will have noticed that I have already done many tests of their products.
One of the remaining unexplored areas of the business remains with the gaming peripherals and more exactly in the audio section. Today, I propose you the review AUKEY helmet Scepter GH-S4.

The first thing that strikes you when you go to receive the package is the box that is huge.
This is not surprising considering the diameter of each earpiece that fills the entire ear without worries.
In terms of design, this helmet has a triple headband, the first leather with the AUKEY logo that is adjustable to your head, the second is a brushed steel ribbon and the third is a thick cable that connects the two parts.

The USB connection cable has a length of 2.4 meters and the total weight of the set is less than 500 grams which is a bit heavy compared to what I have already tested.

In the outer mesh of the helmet which is plastic we see a logo in the form of a tree lit in 5 colors.
This color change, which is not configurable, progressively changes from one to the other. It’s a little interesting gadget.

On the left side we find the retractable microphone that can be set to our liking or leave it hidden so that it does not disturb. Note the presence of a small blue light at the end.
One of the negative points that I could notice and the fact that the microphone can not be disabled.

We come to the important point, the sound, we are supposed here to have 7.1 stereo sound.
Whether in games or listening to music, the sounds are really clear and powerful.
In the left hull, at the back, we find the volume wheel.
Even at most, no distortion.
Note also the presence of a button for the bass reinforcement.

This button that amplifies the bass only works on PC and makes the headset “alive”. For example with each noise or serious explosion, the helmet will somehow make it vibrate that provides a sound adventure quite interesting.


  Image result for 7.1 AUKEY stereo headphones


This AUKEY GH-S4 stereo gaming headset is once again a success especially that it is only 27 € which makes an unbeatable value for money / feature!